July 25 Open Source Science Fair 2.0
Sept. 19 Tools and Toolkits
Oct. 16 Performance
Nov. 16 Hack Day


6:15 Doors open
6:45 Lightning talks by exhibitors
7:00 Science Fair!
8:15 Dinner
9:00 Keynote presentations
10:00 Awards


The New York Times Building
July 25, 2013
6:15–10:30 p.m.

Last year, the NYT Developers Event Series brought together the NYC developer community for our first ever open source science fair and symposium.

Contributors from the open source community showed off their projects, and we heard from three great speakers. We had so much fun that we decided to do it again. This year we'll have more representatives from amazing open source projects around the web, and our keynote speakers will talk openness as a force in society. No science fair is complete without awards, so we'll end the night with some ribbons and prizes!

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Dan Sinker | @dansinker

Dan is the director of the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project, which is dedicated to helping build and strengthen the open web development community in journalism. He lives in Chicago and the Internet.

Hilary Mason | @hmason

Hilary is the Chief Scientist at bitly, co-founder of HackNY, creator of dataists, and member of NYCResistor. She is an enthusiastic member of the larger conspiracy to evolve the emerging discipline of data science.

Haleigh Sheehan | @scarlettsparks

Haleigh works at GitHub and breathes fire, but usually not at the same time.